lorienlai (lorienlai) wrote,


So I got hit on last night. Not all that unusual in and of itself, just the manner in which that was... interesting. I'm standing at the wall on the dancefloor in Fibber's, like I usually do when some crappy song is playing, when some random girl walks over to me and declares: "You're a pretty boy."
"I know."
"You look lost."
"I've been coming here for five years, I'm hardly lost."
"I've been coming here six."
"Then you know how not lost I am."
"I can't hear you, which is one of the reasons I never score on a dancefloor and, apart from that, I never score in here."

Apparently that was me indicating that she should go for it. Who knew that "no" means "yes" these days? Anyway, her oddly puckered lips are intercepted by a finger which pushes her away and I say "I have a girlfriend." The response was difficult to hear and mildly supprising but the gist of what I got was: "So do I. I mean a boyfriend. I mean, I'm into threesomes and stuff."
"That's nice. Go away now."

And off she flounces, offended that I have turned her down. At this point I start laughing at the sheer absurdity of it. It's not until I go sit down that I start to get offended at the sheer arrogance of it. Why would anyone think it's cool to try kiss someone who has pretty clearly said they don't want it? I hate people.
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