lorienlai (lorienlai) wrote,

Time to update since people keep asking.

Welp, (a word I have to stop using, really I do) the whole mess with Julia and Kerstin turns out to have been the brainchild of a particularly bored THIRD (fifth?) German girl named Sandra. Apparently I have been introduced to her, I just didn't care enough to remember her in the slightest. Long story short, it was just her fucking with people's lives for shits and giggles. While I approve of that sort of thing on principle I'm extremely pissed off that she hurt Julia. Doesn't really matter now though, it's all sorted out. Julia has promised Kerstin not to do anything about this but I stressed to her that SHE made the promise and I am hence unbound by it. Sandra, thy name is TARGET_01.

Anyway, all that muck sorted out I went to Germany with Julia. It is simultaneously the most amazing and frustrating country I have yet been to. Everything was soooo much cheaper and/or cooler there. Except anything automatic. Weirdly German robots suck so hard it's just not funny. Irish ATM's ask stupid questions eh? Try buying two train tickets at the same time in Germany.......

Onward, to the future now! This weekend is Q-con. I was looking at just plain being unable to attend due to money issues but John offered me a lift since he's driving up there. Clearly he rocks. Further on I have started to make potential plans for a trip to London for a Druchii.net chat meetup in August. Hopefully it'll have a better turnout this year and yet still manage to cram in the same amount of random fun as last time. And that's it really. Life is boring these days.
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