lorienlai (lorienlai) wrote,

*sigh* It's time to make an E/N thread

Be careful what you wish for, it might just come true.

Sure, you never believe it's going to happen but sometimes it does. Like when I wished I had some really petty, stupid, easily avoided drama in my life worthy of an E/N thread of it's very own. To the begining! Because of my absolute disregard for those involved names have been left unchanged to incriminate those guilty.

About seven months ago I found myself going out with a German girl named Kerstin. She was living here in Dublin, Ireland for six months for whatever reason she had. The relationship was essentially a rebound intended to last until she went home in April and could be safely forgotten about. As it progressed it became obvious that she scared the ever-living shit out of me in a deeply protective-of-my-masculine-junk fashion. She had her own E/N thread full of drama to share and would do so at the exact worst moments. Like, say, when she had suddenly decided that she was going to go down on me without warning. Don't get me wrong, I like fellatio as much as any guy but a few seconds warning is nice and as we all know, sudden dramatic movement down there produces cringe reactions. So, as I now fear for the continued existance of my penis, the relationship ends on some flimsy excuse of mine, about four days into January and well before she was to leave. Okay, all done.

So time passes, as it does, and I find myself going out with another, yet completely different, German girl. I have no idea where I keep finding them, I just do. Things are going good, she's pretty normal, fun to be around and I'm generally just enjoying it all. her name is Julia. At some point her friend Finja comes over to visit and we seem to get along pretty well. Finja goes home. No more is thought about her.

This week Finja is over for another visit. She has brought her friend Steffi along with her for some reason. That's cool, she doesn't talk much but hey, even if she did I wouldn't understand since I don't speak any German that WWII didn't teach me. We all go out, fun is had, whatever.

And on to last night! We're out in the pub, normal night, then Julia and Finja want to wander off and talk about something. I'm not bothered by this, Julia almost never gets to see her friends from home, I'm not going to be stupid and paranoid about her spending time with them. Myself and my friend Eric leave the pub at closing to go get some food in Burger King. I'm just finished and I get a text message saying that Julia never wants to see me again.

Come again? She said what now? Over text? I know she's a bit younger than I am but still, three years ain't all that much when you're both over eighteen. At this point I'm just confused with a hint of worried. Two hours of wandering the city streets trying to find or call her later and I'm getting angry. Eventually I get the barest hint of an explaination: Kerstin.

It seems somehow Kerstin knows either Finja or Steffi and has managed to convey to Julia that myself and her did not terminate our relationship in January as reality seems to think. It seems that we stayed together until the very end of her stay. This comes as news to me, and also to Julia who thought, rightly, that we were exclusive. My limited understanding of the fragmented text messages is that Julia now regards me as having cheated on her for the majority of the relationship and has decided to call it quits.

I am left wondering, is there some mis-communication on Kerstin's part or is she just that petty? I have also gotten past the shock of the sudden ending and I'm now just getting angry. Rediculously angry. I'm not even sure who I'm pissed at but I know I am pissed. I have no idea what the hell I should do here, the relationship is good but it's not exactly like I'm going to end something that's been going for years.

Anyway, thanks for listening.
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