lorienlai (lorienlai) wrote,


So it's been a few months since I E/N'd upon you, o fair internets, and it's high time I recapped. Unto the breach once more, dear fiends.

I went to Dominion. Finally. Met some cool people, found myself starting to like EBM (*shudder*), danced a bit. It's good, less kids than Fibber's and I found someone who's managed to hold my attention for a whole two months. Go her.

It's weird how something can remind you of a person, causing you to spend hours remembering every little thing that annoyed you about them, and then you realise that, yes, you do still miss them.

Seems I'm stuck on my meds until September. Boring. I'm sick of having to remember to take a pill every day. I suppose I'm just lucky not to be on the pill.

Dancing is fun. I may have gone overboard. Ah well.
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