lorienlai (lorienlai) wrote,

A Strange Kind of Infinity

I live in a city of a size, to all intents and purposes, best described as "infinite." The city's streets, such as they are, form around the ever-more complex web of support cables that hold everything together. Buildings form at the junctions and move ever outwards along the struts as needed.
I work in the city. My job is to attend and maintain the power cells which power the lights all along the struts. I know that the power cells are rat-driven, somehow. Today there is a gap in the network of cells. One of them has gone offline. I am sent to fix it. I arrive at the cell. Opening the panel I see not a rat but a woman. She is human in shape, but for her pointed ears and the rat-like tail. All the power in the city comes from these people, for they are powerfully psychic. An infinite number of lights needs an infinite power supply after all, and what else is infinite but the capacity to dream? Suddenly I remember why I am here. I am here to rescue her. Time so long as to render all units meaningless spent amongst the trash of the city's occupants.Why? Because I love her.
I pull her free of the wires connected to her and drag her back to consciousness. On awaking she demands that I help her find her sister as well. She hates her sister but, as with all twins, seperation is difficult for her. I remember who they are now. They are the most puissant of their race found within the multiverse. Prodigies of imagination.
I notice that I am not human. Somehow I believed I was. My skin is purest white, my hands and feet are large in proportion and tipped with black claws. My ears are pointed like hers. My tail is as long again as I am tall and fluked like a dragon's. I have what appears to be hair, also white, atop my head. This, for some reason, is grey. The eyes, my most striking feature, are blank white orbs. Large, as if I come from a world of darkness. I am different though, somehow. I know that I am unique, somehow, in all realities, all dreams.
I come back to here and now. We go to find her sister. I have plenty of time before my failure to complete my assigned task is noticed. An infinite amount if necessary. We search for a comparatively short time and free the sister. She is at first grateful, but then she sees her twin, my Love. Metaphorical sparks fly between them. Reality tears. This universe ends.
We stand now in a great bowl. It is lined all around with seats. There are no aisles. In the centre floats a raised platform. Upon it stand the twins. There is to be an inquest into the destruction of the previous universe. Apparently some important people had a lot staked in it. I understand that my actions, if found to have contributed to this, will result in me being put on trial. I am unconcerned.
I let go of reality, and float free along the seats up to the right. Reaching the second row from the back I walk along until I reach my seat. Behind me, and two seats to my right is a demon prince. The word "Tanar'ri" floats into my mind but I dismiss it. He is tall, at least a third again my height. His body is armoured and red. His arms end in grasping pincers. He has large ears.Wrong part of the multiverse. He speaks to me. He wants my support for the coming events. He believes I will know the part I am to play when it happens. I understand that my support is important to him. Necessary even. I am struck by disbelief at dealing with such a creature as an equal. I sit down.
The inquest takes the form of a game. Each reality is represented by a square, about the width of my hand. Each reality is the square and each square is the reality. Upon this square lies a representation of the universe it contains. It is styalised. Growing universes are lush forests, dying ones barren deserts and so on. Each person moves the pieces they control around the squares. I have only myself to move. Somehow I know that this makes me more important than half those here, and less so than the other half.
I notice there is a corridor over to the right, forming the cross of a "T" from my position. I go over. There are lines of tables here, vendors selling all manner of thing. I pick up a book. It is shrink-wrapped. I open it. Some cards and a pair of boots fall out. There is nothing else. I take the boots, they will be worth something to the right person. I move on. There is a large room at the end of the corridor. I go in to see it full of shelves. I am led to a mace. Twisting it turns it into a sword. I know it is the most powerful, most useful thing in the store. I also know it is useless to me. I discard it and drop the boots where I stand. They're worthless now.
I return to my seat. The board has been cleared, the seats are back. I look down to see the Twins standing, now below the dais. They are angry. They are fighting. My Love lashes out at her sister, just as her sister lashes out at her. I feel the demon prince laughing behind me. Reality tears into a blur of constantly shifting colours. I know my name. I am the Watcher of Shadows, the Finder of Secrets, the Walker on Glass.
Tags: dream; writing
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