So yeah, got that DJ'ing thing done finally. Playlist was as follows:

23:30 - 00:00
Frank Klepacki - Hell March (C&C Red Alert)
Panzer AG - Bereit
VNV Nation - Weltfunk
Wolfsheim - Approaching Lightspeed
Hellraiser [Psycopath 02] - Suicide Commando

From here on there was some other guest DJ playing, who managed to alienate a good chunk of the audience and threw some apparently impressive tantrums. I was standing outside at the time, so I didn't see them. Anyway....

00:00 - 00:30
Delerio Asesino - Amduscia
Chicks Suck (or Guys Suck) - The Strand
Corpses (A ZOmbie Love Song) - God Module
Pretty When You Cry - VAST
Intruder Alert - COmbichrist
Shut Me Up [VNV Nation 1200 XL Mix] - Mindless Self Indulgence

Lessons learned: check CD's before playing. One of my Combichrist CD's managed to get gak on it before making it into the CD drawer and scratched itself to shit 40 second in. Silence == bad.
Changing stuff on the fly is easier than I expected. The original planned playlist was a smidge different.
Listen to people who have done this more than you. They know their shit.

I had some random guy I've never seen before who's name I have since forgotten ask for my name so he can watch for future sets and the regulars were effusive with their praise.

Shit was fun.
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So I got hit on last night. Not all that unusual in and of itself, just the manner in which that was... interesting. I'm standing at the wall on the dancefloor in Fibber's, like I usually do when some crappy song is playing, when some random girl walks over to me and declares: "You're a pretty boy."
"I know."
"You look lost."
"I've been coming here for five years, I'm hardly lost."
"I've been coming here six."
"Then you know how not lost I am."
"I can't hear you, which is one of the reasons I never score on a dancefloor and, apart from that, I never score in here."

Apparently that was me indicating that she should go for it. Who knew that "no" means "yes" these days? Anyway, her oddly puckered lips are intercepted by a finger which pushes her away and I say "I have a girlfriend." The response was difficult to hear and mildly supprising but the gist of what I got was: "So do I. I mean a boyfriend. I mean, I'm into threesomes and stuff."
"That's nice. Go away now."

And off she flounces, offended that I have turned her down. At this point I start laughing at the sheer absurdity of it. It's not until I go sit down that I start to get offended at the sheer arrogance of it. Why would anyone think it's cool to try kiss someone who has pretty clearly said they don't want it? I hate people.


I finally watched Interview With A Vampire recently.

It's amasing how they managed to remove what little interesting philosophy there was

from the film and leave naugh but the crap.

Interview With the Vampire: Composed entirely of Emo, Ghey, Suck and Fail.

Time to update since people keep asking.

Welp, (a word I have to stop using, really I do) the whole mess with Julia and Kerstin turns out to have been the brainchild of a particularly bored THIRD (fifth?) German girl named Sandra. Apparently I have been introduced to her, I just didn't care enough to remember her in the slightest. Long story short, it was just her fucking with people's lives for shits and giggles. While I approve of that sort of thing on principle I'm extremely pissed off that she hurt Julia. Doesn't really matter now though, it's all sorted out. Julia has promised Kerstin not to do anything about this but I stressed to her that SHE made the promise and I am hence unbound by it. Sandra, thy name is TARGET_01.

Anyway, all that muck sorted out I went to Germany with Julia. It is simultaneously the most amazing and frustrating country I have yet been to. Everything was soooo much cheaper and/or cooler there. Except anything automatic. Weirdly German robots suck so hard it's just not funny. Irish ATM's ask stupid questions eh? Try buying two train tickets at the same time in Germany.......

Onward, to the future now! This weekend is Q-con. I was looking at just plain being unable to attend due to money issues but John offered me a lift since he's driving up there. Clearly he rocks. Further on I have started to make potential plans for a trip to London for a chat meetup in August. Hopefully it'll have a better turnout this year and yet still manage to cram in the same amount of random fun as last time. And that's it really. Life is boring these days.